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 [EN] New Stream Rules

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PostSubject: [EN] New Stream Rules   Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:18 pm

It has been brought to my attention and my mods attention that the channel/ community is growing and therefore we need to take some action into implanting new rules into the stream.

These new rules:

1. Make it easier to feel more involved in the community as well as have a great time here.
2. Come into a channel that is friendly and controlled.
3. Get friendly help as well as no hate or disrespect to anyone.

Please follow the rules below or you will be removed.

Break any of these rules below and get a 24HR BAN from the stream.

• Don't be aggressive towards the streamer or his mods.
• No advertising other streamers.
• Don't call the streamer by his old account.
• Don't give hate towards the stream or the content.
• Don't challenge a mod to anything.

Break these rules you get a PERM BAN

• Don't be threatening anyone.
• Don't bring up anything from the old channel, it is in the past and is staying that way.
• No offensive language towards anyone.
• Don't troll at the streamer or towards anyone.
• No sexual or racists comments at all in the chat.
• Please don't talk about political stuff.

How not to get banned from the chat.

• Be respectful.
• Be helpful.
• Have a laugh and fun.

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[EN] New Stream Rules
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