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 Twitch Chat Admin

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PostSubject: Twitch Chat Admin   Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:05 pm


We are looking for a New Moderators to join the twitch channel! Check the requirements and send your application.

-Any, English included.

- Min. 18 years old
- Good knowledge of English
- Good behavior
- Intention to help people, not just apply for the tag.
- Must have teamspeak due to planning on having meetings etc.
- Must know the rules for the twitch chat.
- Must have been a follower for more than 2 months and always active in the chat.

Yes, you have read it correct! Also you, that speaks only English can apply!

How to apply? Leave a reply in the thread below and we will get you in for interview when we can. Follow the format below to successfully apply!

Date of Birth: dd/mm/yy
Experience: if any
End of recruitment: 10-02-2016*

Good luck with applying and maybe we see you soon!

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Twitch Chat Admin
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